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Presidents and prime ministers, movie stars and moguls have enjoyed Chef Alan's cooking. You might even recognize a few of them:


For over 30 years he's been serving famous clients in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Throughout his years as a private chef, as a food designer and passionate teacher, he developed a reputation for showcasing his ability to bring health and flavor together.
His specialty -  to offer a wide range of dishes that are simultaneously exotic and accessible to the home cook.  This is where "healthy", "vegan", and "epicurean" all co-exist!

This is the first time Chef Alan has made his teaching available to students in the online world, and we are honored to bring you his Occasional Vegan Cooking Classes as a way to experience his recipes and instruction.

His mission is to help us “Eat smart, and live joyfully!"


"A cookbook is great, but actually learning how to do it is totally something else!"

A cookbook is not always enough. Watch the fast-paced 14 minute webinar for anyone curious about how to cook for the occasional vegan.

See how you too can develop the techniques and talents that only a master chef might know. 

This little webinar includes a crowd-pleasing recipe using Udo's Flax Oil plus more Free Gifts!


Chef Alan shares his wisdom, humor and passion for healthy, vegan-friendly, gourmet cooking. You get to enjoy his recipes and his teaching style and learn to do it yourself. He has some great offers, as well as that Free Gift just for watching.




“Thanks, man. Great breakfast.”

~ President Bill Clinton


"LOL! We have to get Chef Alan to stop being so sensitive at the open slaughter of Vegetables!" ~  TC

"My youngest has become vegan and I need some inspiration to look after her needs now."   ~ JD 


“I’ve worked with a lot of recipe developers, chefs, and other foodies over the years in my role as Delicious Livings's food editor. And although I love all of our recipes, I can say without hesitation that Alan Roettinger’s recipes rank among the best.”

~ Elisa Bosley, Food Editor, Delicious Living Magazine


"I love it!  It's for the vegan-curious."


"Thanks to you and a few others who are health conscious - I've actually changed my diet quite drastically in the past 6 months - deleting gluten, completely - and working on Dairy (still can't quite let go of the Greek Yoghurt). The change has been significant."   - WC


"Changing to a plant-based diet for most is a daunting task. I always encourage people to do it in phases and be patient with themselves through the process. Any % change from meat / dairy / eggs is better than doing nother at all. Better for your health, the animals and our environment. It's actually a very kind, conscious, spiritual decision in many ways."        - CH


"Cool. I’m watching it."   - KG


"Very cool! I signed up...[My husband] might learn something (I know I will!) since he won't be able to heckle you. ha! I'm passing the link on also!"    :-)      - RJ


"Quite the resume, Alan. Love the mix of Dems, Repubs and Celebs, etc who've enjoyed your cooking over the years."     - JS


"I'm glad you have come out of the closet. The world needs you to be teaching, wisecracks and all."      - LR


“It’s nice having someone cooking for us who is as good at what he does as we are at what we do.”

~ Don Henley, The Eagles


"Reposted! well, in FB language: Shared."      - DK


"I think your approach is admirable, and far more likely to have a favorable impact than anger and dogmatism. I'd rather see someone gradually adopt a plant-based diet, than be turned off by the fear that a vegan diet is too hard or unsatisfying. Or that vegans are weird and angry. I believe Mark Bittman has had a huge impact with his 'vegan until dinner' approach.

I think your eco-ethical-health approach is balanced, and gives people multiple reasons to consider a dietary change. Your willingness to accept people where they are, and encourage them to move forward, will win over people that angry vegans will probably never reach."        – AN


"We use your Speed Vegan cookbook! It will be fun to finally 'meet' you in this webinar!"      - LD


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